Use FREE technology to create interactive learning experiences for your science students with the Active Learning Action Plan!

forget feelings of failure and frustration

I’ll be by your side while you build an interactive curriculum

of science lessons that leave you feeling like

you make a difference each and every day.

I’m here to help you add some student-centered style

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I know the Lecture Hall Lullaby you sing to your students everyday.

I used to tap my foot to that tune, myself!

PLUS, I’ve figured out what works when it comes to creating that can-do-it attitude science students need to succeed.

I believe in teaching science as a practice, not just as a collection of facts.

Teaching “lab” everyday — YES, EVERYDAY — is totally possible when you know how to use technology to create connections within the content.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to believe that kids can learn without spoon-feeding them all our knowledge and wisdom … or that they actually enjoy being confronted by challenges.  So it’s easier to just go with what we know, blame all the bad on something about our students, and comiserate with our colleagues between classes

You can tap into the truth about teaching and learning science by providing opportunities for your students to show what they already know and tackle the tough stuff themselves which will allow you to create meaningful moments that serve every student.

^^ Isn’t that what it’s really all about?!

Active learning is different than active listening, so I emphasize ways you can guide students through discovery and data, encourage the curiousity that will lead them to the core ideas, and avoid teaching by telling.

I also know you need lesson plans that work for your students each and every year — not just what works for one group one year — and I’m here to provide the personalized support to get you there.

meet your

science superhero sidekick

Together, we’ll make sure your outcomes match your effort.

Lisa Karosas, creator of Lab In Every Lesson

Lisa is a second-career chemistry teacher with 15 years experience working for the only trauma-informed cyber school in the US and with a largely at-risk student population. 

She helps secondary science teachers LEAD their classrooms with lab instead of lecture.

Lisa combines research-based best practices in education with the perspective of a professional scientist and 15 years of classroom management experience to help science teachers increase student engagement and content rigor to boost critical thinking skills and confidence in their students.

Before she started sharing her teaching strategies online with other science teachers, she acquired a Master’s degree in chemistry and worked in the private sector to prepare and test new products.

A quarter-life crisis led her to a career change, one that would allow her to make a more direct impact on the world.

Then, as a teacher working from home in a virtual classroom long before the world knew it was even a “thing”, she struggled to find a way to include scientific inquiry in her approach without access to any tangible tools.

Her R&D experience came in handy when she finally stopped making excuses and started creating a new, inquiry-based lesson planning framework that would cultivate a student-centered classroom culture and completely change her perspective on what’s possible in science education.

Lab In Every Lesson was born.

If you’re teaching career is a cause you’re committed to . . .

I think you’ll like it here . . .

because these principles are our “power ups”:

Be humble.

Spread smiles.

Trust your intuition.

Make the classroom your laboratory.

Do it afraid … especially when you’re afraid.

Give your very best, because it’s the right thing to do.